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Confirmation of the popularity of the Limousine Egypt Company for car rental services in Cairo, as the company was able to acquire a large number of customers from inside and outside Egypt, specifically the Arab brothers from the brotherly Gulf countries who trusted in the car rental service in Egypt and won the prices of the Rent Limousine Egypt for car rental services in Cairo to their satisfaction, as well as many companies operating in the Egyptian market.


Have you booked a car for rent in Cairo and found a cheaper price elsewhere? Be absolutely sure that when you book a car from a limousine company that provides car rental services in Cairo, you will not find a cheaper price in Egypt.

Do not search further, book with us today and make sure that you will be in safe hands by dealing directly with our company to fulfill your requests and needs. The best prices, services and cars are always guaranteed by us. In addition to the absence of any hidden fees, non-compliant drivers or smokers, we have a different approach to renting cars and dealing with customers.

This is one of the problems that some people face when renting a car in Cairo, and we at Limousine Egypt have always and always relied on the principle that quality is more important than profit by providing offers and prices for renting family cars, Mercedes cars or small economical cars that do not accept competition.


Prices vary according to the rental period, seasons, holidays, and the type and model of the car. They also differ between family cars, sedans, or saloons.

You should contact us via phone, WhatsApp, or e-mail, and one of our customer service employees will answer you

Because we are one of the best car rental companies in Cairo, Egypt, and because we are always keen to provide the best services to our valued customers. One of our best features is commitment, seriousness and dedication to work, businessmen services, long-term car rentals, monthly and annual offers, exclusive discounts and other features that you must discover for yourself. Contact us now and do not hesitate, we are always at your service 7 days a week.

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